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Own a vehicle sales company? Looking to get a website to showcase your vehicles? Then SellFrame is for you. SellFrame allows you to manage your own vehicle sales website for an affordable rate. Instead of paying someone else to update your website everytime your stock list expands, upload them yourself using our easy to use platform. Even complete computer novices will be able to add vehicles to their websites, with pictures taken from a digital camera or phone.


SellFrame was designed for the novice computer user. If you can read emails or use facebook, you'll have no problem using our system. The interface is presented in a simple clean format allowing easy upload of vehicles to your website.

Our monthly rate structure means you only need to sell a single vehicle in a year to make it profitable!

  • Add/Remove Vehicles with pictures

    Some Features

  • Add Contact Information
  • Add an 'About Us' page
  • Add your company's logo
  • Keep track of how many hits you are getting to your website and to individual vehicles
  • Change the website design
  • Keep track of your messages and enquiries
  • Get enquiries sent straight to your email

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